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Firm Summary

Tom Payne is a licensed attorney and a businessman with over 50 years of business and legal experience in a variety of industry segments.

Tom’s early career was spent in a variety of executive positions with two technology giants – IBM and ITT.  Upon leaving ITT, Tom was the President and CEO of a series of technology startups, two of which successfully went public.

In 2005, Tom Payne, along with partner Dina Atkinson created Integrity with the objective of providing high quality, fully personalized Living Trusts to individuals at a reasonable price.

Tom’s primary responsibility within Integrity is to make sure that Integrity’s trust products remain state-of-the art and are current with all state laws.  He also is available to interpret the terms of the Trust documents as they apply to clients.

Tom has been involved in the management of Integrity since its inception, and continues as the company’s managing member.

Tom enjoys playing golf in his spare time as well as spending time with his 8 granddaughters.  Tom is a graduate from Texas A & M and has a passion for “Aggie” football. Thomas is a graduate from Arizona State University law school.