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Sunny Kakwani | As Your Counsel Personalized Legal Services & Strategic Business Counseling


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Sunny, born in New Delhi and raised in New York, discovered his passion for policy and advocacy early in life, which led him to Washington, DC in pursuit of his undergraduate degree in Business, Economics and Public Policy at George Washington University. That reverence evolved into practice while Sunny studied law in Boston, MA at Suffolk University. Following convocation of his Juris Doctorate in 2008, Sunny served as a judicial clerk in the High Court of Gujarat, as well as the Supreme Court of India. Keeping a close eye at the impending housing crisis at home, Sunny returned to the States to advocate for families during the economic recovery. He focused his practice on statutory and precedent-based policy, which led to the imposition of good-faith requirements onto financial institutions.

In a decisive pivot to his legal career, Sunny joined a business focused law firm, where he excelled in procuring and managing clients with real property transactions, syndication and private lending. He also led the tax lien investment team through his due diligence and legal strategies via foreclosure and quiet-title litigation. Sunny elevated his experience by joining the Manhattan offices of Morici & Morici LLP, where he represented several sophisticated clientele, including the Rockefeller Group, Carlyle Group and Ralph Lauren, among others at various economic levels. He managed and closed multi-million dollar residential and commercial transactions for developers and high-net worth venture capitalists, in addition to advising on mergers and leveraged buyouts and executing commercial leasing and other business ventures.

A lifelong appreciation for the beauty of the West and desire to prioritize a higher quality of life, Sunny and his wife decided to move to her hometown of Portland in 2018. He thereafter joined one of Oregon’s first law firms, McEwen Gisvold LLP, working in the Real Estate, Transactional and Corporate Groups. He advised individual and institutional clients in a broad scope of matters including complex commercial financing, due diligence, leasing, corporate governance and strategic counsel. Sunny is passionate about people, culture and community.