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Firm Summary

Stevens J. Kasselman is a renowned name in the field of estate planning. In fact, Stevens J. Kasselman is a master in this area. He practices law in Northern Boulevard Suite 101 in Roslyn, New York. His popularity as an estate planner lawyer has given him a huge list of clients. The way he treats his clients and handles their work makes people opt for his services. He has always been successful in making his clients understand the importance of estate planning.

Most individuals fail to recognize the value of an estate planning lawyer and therefore do not believe in its requirement. Some believe that they don’t have an estate and some think that they their estate is not enough to cause estate taxation. But when they come in contact with Stevens J. Kasselman, these individuals change their view.

He makes them understand that every person has an estate which needs proper planning. Even if you own something that has been passed on to you upon a senior’s death, you have an estate. Stevens J. Kasselman provides his clients with a complete knowledge on what exactly estate planning is. According to him, an estate plan includes the accumulation, maintenance and distribution of an estate. A well organized plan will help maintain the financial security of people and their families.

Stevens J. Kasselman deals with every basic requirement of estate planning. He handles them with care. This is the reason why his clients are satisfied by the way he executes his tasks. To date, all of his clients have shown contentment after working with him and have declared Stevens J. Kasselman as the most ethical lawyer in estate planning in New York.

Estate Planning Basics

The Estate planning basics that he deals with are:
Will: This is the most vital thing in estate planning. Kasselman believes that every person should have a will. It is a legal declaration on the disposition of your property after death. It becomes legal only after the death of the person. Thus, if one wishes to change it, they can do so whenever he or she wishes.

Stevens J. Kasselman drafts this essential document in the best possible way. He takes care of every small detail that is to be mentioned in a will. The kind of work he produces gives the client a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind.
Trust: The trust you establish on a person during your lifetime is reflected on the will. A will allows you to transfer your property to a trust worthy person. After your death, this person will be the owner of your belongings.

Stevens J. Kasselman says that the trust you have on a person is called as a living trust but when it is reflected on your will, trust becomes a testamentary which becomes operative only on your death.
Estate Tax System: Estate tax system is the part of transfer tax system. Estate tax comes into play only after the death of the owner of the will. Estate tax is not a matter of worry for the will owner. This part is well handled by Stevens J. Kasselman. He will ensure that the tax charged is minimal.