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Attorney Anne Marie Howells is a seasoned general practitioner with over two decades of legal experience. Her unwavering commitment to her clients ensures that she employs every available resource to secure the best possible outcome for their legal issues. Utilizing a comprehensive approach, Attorney Howells strives to help her clients achieve optimal results.

What sets Attorney Howells apart is her perspective on each client as an individual with a problem, rather than just a source of income. She takes the time to understand the core issues at hand and advises her clients on the battles worth fighting. By carefully assessing foreseeable costs, legal fees, and success rates, she formulates a strategy that maximizes the chances of success and ensures the best interests of her clients are served.

Attorney Anne Marie Howells’ journey to the courtroom began with her deep-rooted interest in and understanding of the law. Following her high school education, she worked as an inspector in a weaving factory. When 100 employees were laid off in 1990, she seized the opportunity to pursue re-education through the Job Training Placement Act (JTPA). It was during this time that she discovered her true passion for the law.

Embarking on her legal career, Anne Marie first completed a paralegal course, obtaining her certificate and securing a position as a paralegal at a corporate law firm. Driven to excel in the legal field, she was encouraged by her colleagues to further her education. This encouragement propelled her to pursue her undergraduate degree while working as a paralegal. With determination and dedication, she earned both an Associate of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors. Eventually, she went on to graduate from Dickinson Law School, ranking in the top third of her class.

Following her graduation, Anne Marie initially worked for a local attorney. However, her entrepreneurial spirit and desire for autonomy led her to establish her own practice. Over the course of sixteen years, she has successfully served countless clients, earning their satisfaction and trust. Now, Attorney Anne Marie Howells welcomes prospective clients to experience a free consultation at her distinguished law firm in Scranton, PA. Witness firsthand what sets her apart from other firms in the area, and discover the dedicated and exceptional legal services she provides.