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The Law Office of Scott W. Sexton specializes in estate planning with an additional emphasis on serving veterans of our armed forces who may qualify for benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Sexton is honored to have received accreditation to prepare, present and prosecute claims for veterans before the VA.

To receive accreditation, federal law requires an attorney to pass a written examination and to complete continuing legal education covering, at a minimum, the following topics: VA representation, disability compensation, dependency and indemnity compensation and pension benefits, claim procedures, eligibility requirements and appeal rights. An attorney must also establish that he or she is of good character and reputation.

The privilege of accreditation carries with it the responsibility to maintain specified standards of conduct and comply with the laws that govern VA representations, as set forth in the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations.

Whether you are seeking general estate planning services or a veteran seeking specialized benefits, we will provide a thorough assessment of your financial goals and customize a plan that will ensure your wealth is preserved, transferred in a tax-efficient manner and realized by future generations.

At The Law Office of Scott W. Sexton, we take pride in knowing your legacy will be passed onto your children and grandchildren through our specialized areas of practice.

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  • Trusts
  • Living Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Veteran Benefits Planning