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Firm Summary

Scott Heitmann started his law career in 1993 with the simple goal of helping people. Over the years of trying cases, both by jury and bench trials.
“My job is to listen to my clients and to address their needs. Whatever the case is, my job is to look at the facts objectively and to honestly present their options in a concise and understandable manner so that we can coordinate our efforts to achieve the best possible results. My goal is always the same, to maximize what I can do for them, and to make clients for life.”

We handle all types of cases including:

Estate Planning/Probates
White Collar Crimes
Domestic Violence
Possession/ Intent to Sale
ID Theft
Elder Abuse

Every criminal case is unique. An informed analysis requires knowledge of the unique facts, persons involved, circumstances, and jurisdiction before any reliable assessment can be rendered.

VC 23152 DUI .20 with prior. Jury verdict of not guilty. PC 273.5 Domestic Violence charge, jury verdict of not guilty.
Felony possession jury trial: Motion for mistrial based on prosecutorial misconduct granted, mistrial declared, Case dismissed .
H&S 11377 Possession of controlled substance, case dismissed. PC 187 Special circumstances murder charge (25 to life) reduced to PC 32 ( aiding and abetting), single two year midterm sentence, released with credit for time served. 26 Felony counts of grand theft, embezzlement, and tax evasion. All counts either dismissed or reduced to misdemeanors with terminal disposition (no probation) no time or fine.
Multiple felony record. Certificate of rehabilitation and governors pardon obtained. Clients record sealed and all rights restored.
After restitution in excess of $400,000 is ordered on VC23152 charge, firm is hired and appeals to reduce amount to $80,000.
PC 488 petty theft, case dismissed.
The above cases represent only a very small portion of the successful cases that this firm has handled. Every case is unique and fact sensitive. Please contact us to discuss what we can do with your case.