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Firm Summary

Scott H. Donovan is an Estate and Bankruptcy Attorney who has been practicing Law for over 33 years.

Born and raised in Louisa County, Virginia, Mr. Donovan graduated from Bridgewater College, Virginia in 1981, where he studied Business Administration and Economics.

He graduated from George Mason University School of Law in 1985 and began practicing Law with the Law Firm of Madigan & Scott in Springfield, Virginia that same year.

He practiced General Law with that firm until 1997, where he started his own firm as Scott H. Donovan, PC in Manassas, with more emphasis on Bankruptcy, Probate, and Estate Planning.

He has acted as Administrator, Executor and Trustee in a multitude of Estates and has represented thousands of Bankruptcy cases during his many years of practice.

In addition to Bankruptcy and Estates, he also does Real Estate Law, Evictions, Collection and different types of Business Incorporation.