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Education: Ron is a distinguished individual who embarked on his educational journey at Arizona State University, where he dedicated himself to the pursuit of knowledge in the field of Accounting. His commitment and diligence paved the way for his successful graduation, culminating in the acquisition of a degree in Accounting. Demonstrating a thirst for further intellectual growth, Ron continued his educational voyage by enrolling at The University of Arizona Law School. Here, he delved into the intricate world of law, setting the stage for a transformative career. Since his graduation in 1985, Ron has been practicing law with unwavering dedication, offering his expertise to a diverse clientele, spanning from the modest to the affluent.

Experience: Ron’s professional journey is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences that have sharpened his legal acumen. Prior to establishing Compton Law, he honed his legal prowess at a prestigious Mesa, Arizona law firm. During this period, he immersed himself in the realms of business and real estate law, gaining invaluable insights into these complex domains. Additionally, Ron expanded his expertise to encompass probate, trusts, and wills, making him a well-rounded legal practitioner.

Furthermore, Ron’s professional footprint extends beyond Arizona. He ventured into the realm of consulting with the renowned Houston-based firm TPG. Here, he concentrated his efforts on charitable planning in collaboration with 501(c)(3) organizations. His stint as a consultant at TPG allowed him to broaden his horizons, bringing his legal expertise to bear on charitable endeavors, reinforcing his commitment to the betterment of society.

His Passion: Beyond the courtroom and consultancy boardrooms, Ron’s life is colored by his passions and unwavering commitments. His enduring love story with Lisa, spanning over 35 years, stands as a testament to his dedication to his family. Ron and Lisa have been blessed with four children and ten grandchildren, forming the heart of their shared legacy.

In addition to his family, Ron is deeply engaged in his church and community. His active involvement in these spheres reflects his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the legal world. He understands the profound importance of community engagement, acknowledging that true fulfillment often lies in service to others.

Amidst his professional and community engagements, Ron manages to find time for his personal interests. He finds solace and joy in the serene greens of the golf course, challenging himself to perfect his swing. Nature beckons him, and hiking offers a tranquil escape into the wilderness, allowing him to recharge his spirit amidst the natural beauty of the world. Furthermore, Ron is a skilled potter, molding clay into works of art that reflect his creative spirit.

In essence, Ron’s life is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of a thriving legal career, a loving family, active community involvement, and a rich tapestry of personal passions. His journey, from a degree in Accounting to a successful law practice, demonstrates a commitment to learning and growth that continues to benefit his clients, his community, and all those who are fortunate enough to know him.