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The law offices of Marchese & Maynard began based on the premise that our clients’ needs come above all else, period. It is with that goal in mind that our firm is committed to excellence in the legal profession and delivery of the greatest legal services to handle cases in a successful, speedy, and cost-effective manner.

Our many years of experience, dedication and responsiveness to our clients define our practice at the law offices of Marchese & Maynard and are proven every day to the clients we successfully represent.

By putting property into tax-free trusts dedicated for usage right after you are dead, you take that amount of wealth away from the estate and thus reduce the tax load your estate will have to take care of before it is divided amongst your family.

Appropriate planning of one’s wealth can make certain that your loved ones will continue to thrive even though you have gone. Little can be done to alleviate the emotional toll of the loss of a family member. Conversely, the economic consequence that often accompanies the death of a family member can often be reduced or eradicated.

We at Marchese & Maynard have many years’ practical experience representing individuals in real estate related matters on Long Island, in New York City and throughout the New York metropolitan area.

We utilize a personal approach to all our client’s property dealings and also work directly with every single client to insure that their financial and legal interests are adequately safeguarded.