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Firm Summary

After working at two local firms, I decided to open my own firm in 2018. With the help of one of my mentors I was able to do so and have been here to help you and assist his clients upon his retirement. If you look through the areas of practice that I engage in you will see I have a wide array of experiences. Oddly enough, the same person may have numerous needs from the same facts. For example an angry spouse might bring a false restraining order, make a false police report and false report to Child Protective Services causing four battles when only one is needed. Other issues can be handled simply with a letter and a phone call.

Whatever your legal needs I am here to help or at least lead you to people who practice in areas I am unfamiliar with. Please contact me so I can help you with your matter. I am here for you.


I graduated from the University of La Verne and have handled a variety of cases including criminal cases from traffic infractions through life cases. I have handled a wide array of civil actions including personal injury, breach of contract, business litigation, real estate litigation, employment law and administrative law which ranged from a simple, but powerful letter to full trials against high caliber law firms. I also have years of family law and probate law experience.

I’d like to use the skills and knowledge I have gained to help you navigate through the emotional and sometimes difficult times where you need an attorney to fight for you. The knowledge and skills can also be used to solve problems before they start or before they become serious. I am here to help.