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As an experienced Idaho lawyer, I can tell you that there is often nothing more frightening and confusing than the legal system. Undoubtedly, you have found yourself in this situation right now and that’s why you are here. You need someone to talk to who will listen to you and your concerns.  That’s why we offer you a free initial consultation.  We will listen to you and help you understand what you need to do next.  If you simply cannot wait for an appointment we provide a free consultation.
In the legal system it can seem like there is no way out.  It can feel like you are drowning.  At Kershisnik Law you will find Boise Attorneys who care about you and who are here for you.  You will find an ear to listen to your concerns and you will find hope that you can get through these tough times.  There is a way out.
There are many lawyers in Idaho but at Kershisnik Law you will receive the individual attention your case deserves.    Your legal issues are our priority.  With nearly 30 years of experience practicing law in Idaho, our attorneys know how to help you.  At Kershisnik Law you will be treated with respect and receive the dedicated, compassionate and aggressive legal representation you deserve.
Whether you are looking for a Boise Divorce Attorney, a Boise Criminal Lawyer or a Bankruptcy Lawyer, or you need legal representation for a Probate matter, Estate Planning issue or for a Personal Injury, get the experience and compassion you deserve.