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Mindy Hartman is an attorney whose primary focus is on family law. She went to law school with the intent of finding a way to help people divorce better, having witnessed her parents’ divorce and lived through the fallout from it. She has a background in restorative justice and really enjoys collaborative divorce practice. Mindy likes to work with her clients to focus on finding creative outcomes to rebuilding and restructuring their families to cause the least harm and bring the most harmony to all parties involved. She works with all of her clients to find actual victories – things that benefit them at a reasonable cost – as opposed to moral victories – getting to say, “I was right”, but at a cost that far exceeds what was won.

Despite her focus on collaborative law and creative settlement, Mindy has substantial litigation and trial experience. She is well-versed in complex marital estates, forensic accounting, business valuation, and custody litigation. If traditional litigation is necessary, she is ready to guide her clients through.

Mindy is married with two children, living in Cary, and an involved member of the community. In May 2019, she was appointed to the Cary Community Consolidated School District 26 Board of Education to serve out the remainder of a two-year term and will likely seek to be elected to that position in 2021.