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Firm Summary

Michael has practiced law since 1983 and has broad and deep legal experience and expertise in many different areas of law. This vast experience allows Michael to give you more complete and useful advice. Michael is a member of the Oregon State BAR, The American Arbitration Association, and the Oregon State BAR Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Sections.

Michael has previously served as a Judge, as Corporate Counsel and Comptroller for a Major Corporation and as Chief Legal Counsel for a Title Company. Michael’s past clients include many other major national Title Companies and National and Regional Banks, including Chase Manhattan Bank. In addition to representing corporations and banks and other large entities, Michael has spent his entire career representing and advising thousands of “ordinary people” and many small local and regional business owners and partners. He has litigated thousands of cases before State Courts and Federal Courts and also before Administrative Agencies such as the Social Security Administration, Worker’s Compensation Board and other agencies.

Michael has experience in all areas of civil law and criminal law, has handled appeals all the way up to both the State Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. He is experienced in family law, personal injury, accident and injury cases, litigation and court cases, business and corporate law, all aspects of real property and title law including boundary and title disputes. He has handled thousands of bankruptcy cases. He has advised and represented corporate presidents and homeless people alike.

Michael’s Extensive Experience in Many Areas of Law and as a Judge Means That:

  • He can provide solid legal advice and representation to his clients, eliminating the need to hire “specialist attorneys”.
  • He can Resolve Court Cases and Disputes of all kinds saving the parties significant money, time, stress and effort.
  • He can act as a “Private Judge” and Arbitrate a wide variety of cases, successfully ending and concluding all types of disputes and Court cases with legally enforceable rulings.

Note: A “Private Judge” is not an officially elected or appointed government Court positon, it refers to a Qualified Arbitrator recognized and authorized by the Court to act, in effect, as a “judge” to resolve court cases and disputes.

Michael’s Mission

I enjoy helping people and using my experience to achieve the best possible outcomes for my clients, with the least amount of expense and legal wrangling. Over the years of my practice it’s become very apparent to me that many people cannot afford to pay steep attorney’s fees, court fees and other litigation expenses. A contested case or divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. This means that many people cannot afford to get the legal help they need and pursue their legal rights and protect themselves. This is grossly unfair. To resolve this situation and to better serve the public, I have created the “Private Court” and “Alternative Legal Services” Clinic to provide alternative types of cost effective and affordable legal services. These services are completely legal approaches recognized by law and by the court system. Unfortunately, lawyers seldom use these techniques for their clients. I want to change that. – Michael Balocca, Attorney at Law