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Firm Summary

Lynde Selden III has successfully represented both defendants and plaintiffs in complex and dynamic legal matters during his 19-year career as an attorney. Lynde brings expertise in numerous areas of  litigation and provides his clients with guidance throughout each phase of the litigation process. Lynde has litigated a variety of commercial and tort matters in federal courts and state courts in California, Washington, Illinois, Arizona, Texas and Nevada.  The breadth of his litigation experience allows him to effectively and efficiently represent his clients, whether national corporations or just folks who need a good lawyer to protect their rights.

Lynde is a true advisor to his clients. He thrives in environments requiring a high-level strategist and big-picture thinker. At the same time, Lynde is also an experienced, in-the-trenches litigator effective at all aspects of the litigation process including streamlining legal processes, securing settlements, and reduction of unnecessary expenses.

Lynde joined Keegin Harrison in 2016 after years of civil litigation practice in San Francisco, Chicago and San Diego. He is a passionate resident of Marin County with his wife of 20 years, Jill, and two teenage kids, Ely and Livy. Lynde is an avid cyclist and co-founder of the Marin-based Coyotes Bike Club. When not attending soccer and water polo tournaments, you will find him and his fellow Coyotes spinning across Marin.