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Hello! I am Linda Sommers. My goal is to be an indispensable advisor to each of our clients, helping them make smart estate planning decisions through uncompromising integrity, value, commitment to excellence, and gratitude. Here are a few things that makes our firm different:

Listening to What Clients Want and Need. I take the time to really listen to clients and ask thoughtful questions about their families and their objectives. My compassionate nature and years of experience allow me to understand client’s goals, pinpoint issues (sometimes those issues they don’t even realize exist), and deliver solutions and a client-centered plan, providing peace of mind to each of my clients.

Educating Clients and the Community. I am passionate about educating people about important estate planning concepts, which if left uncovered might negatively affect them and their loved ones.

With public seminars and a weekly topic published in the Denver Post, I aim to help people understand the importance of estate planning. There are issues that are often unapparent and if left unresolved may have an undesirable impact on individuals and the people they love and care about. My community education creates awareness so that these issues can be addressed proactively, eliminating negative consequences that cannot be resolved when it’s too late. I love estate planning because there are a variety of solutions for each unique individual and problem.

Collaboration with Experts and Resources. I am an active member of national group of estate planning attorneys called Wealthcounsel. This membership allows me to collaborate with thousands of attorneys across the country, enabling our firm to better help clients who have assets in multiple states and clients with unique situations. We also have access to a comprehensive system for creating estate plans that are customized and will be functional in any state. Membership with this group provides the benefits of “big firm” resources without the expenses and disconnect that come with being part of a “big firm.” Wealthcounsel has staff attorneys who are responsible for researching ever changing laws and relevant issues that impact our client’s lives, allowing me to do what I do best: provide up to date, cutting edge estate plans.

Choosing an Attorney. Estate planning is an important process, affecting your life and the lives of your loved ones. It is essential that your attorney understands your goals, family dynamics, and is able to maximize laws and planning techniques to protect you and your loved ones. I believe this is a relationship and not a transaction. A valuable relationship begins with connection, which is why it is important that I share who I am.

Who Am I? I have been serving Coloradans in private law practice since 1993. I earned my law degree from the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. While still in law school, I had my first experience drafting estate planning documents for low-income clients through the student law office program. Prior to, during, and after law school I worked at a variety of Denver law firms practicing in different areas of law.

In 1996 I decided to start my own law practice and have enjoyed helping people in my community for more than 27 years. In 2003, I decided to focus on my passion: estate planning. Although stepping away from other areas of law was a risk, I have discovered that my life’s purpose is to be a source of peace and stability as people are navigating difficult decisions and painful life experiences.

I am a third generation Lakewood, Colorado native. In my free time, I enjoy boats, camping, horses, scuba diving, and game nights with friends. I have two daughters, Amanda, and Haley, who have also become passionate about the law and estate planning. Both Amanda and Haley are pursuing legal careers and hope to continue working with me, even as their careers progress.

I would love to sit down and meet with you for a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your estate planning goals. I am grateful to have found my purpose and it would be my honor to help you navigate this process.