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Kara Gleckler, co-owner and partner of Canyon River Law is passionate about building personal connections with her clients and delivering thoughtful, cost-conscious services.

Kara began her legal career by graduating first in her law school class. From that solid foundation, she has built a thriving practice and reputation as one of Southern Idaho’s pre-eminent transactional and civil litigation attorneys. She serves an eclectic mix of clients–from some of Magic Valley’s largest corporations to couples of modest means. Her clients rely upon her to be their tenacious litigator, trusted advisor, and passionate advocate. Kara believes in providing straightforward, pragmatic legal representation, and carefully reviewing the merits and economics of each case so that her clients can make informed legal decisions.

Kara graduated from Brigham Young University in 2003. As part of her college education, she had the unique opportunity of living in the wilderness for seventy-eight straight days, and of spending a semester in Africa where she helped conduct research on the local school systems. Before attending law school, Kara worked as a wildland firefighter and traveled the west rappelling out of helicopters. Prior to starting Canyon River Law, Kara served as a law clerk for the Idaho Court of Appeals and the Honorable Judge Bradbury of the 2nd Judicial District Court and was a junior partner at the law firm Worst, Fitzgerald & Stover, PLLC.

Kara’s first experience with the legal system was as a young teenager watching her older sister go through a complicated divorce and custody dispute. Her sister was a single mother who had little money to spare, but who desperately needed good counsel to protect the interest of her and her three young children. Fortunately, she was blessed to find an attorney who took the time to understand the dynamics of the case, who was generous when it came time to bill for his services, and who genuinely cared about the result he reached for his clients.

This experience taught Kara the impact a good attorney can have in the life of his or her clients, and made a lasting impression. It also helped drive Kara’s career choices. Kara’s passion for offering legal services with honest treatment, smart strategies, and unparalleled service led her to open Canyon River Law in 2018.

Outside the practice of law, Kara is an avid outdoor enthusiast and busy mother of three young children. She enjoys skiing, backpacking, cycling, running, and boating with her family. She recently had the amazing opportunity of climbing the Grand Teton and of floating the Middle Fork and Main Salmon rivers (approximately 200 miles) in less than 72 hours.