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Hello I am Attorney Joseph H Lee. I have walked many paths in life. I started life out as an attorney, have been a minister, a school teacher, but the most important job I’ve ever had is as a father. When my son, Danny was born, it changed my life. When he was diagnosed with autism, it shook my world. When the school system and the state tried to cut off his services because of this current budget crisis in California, it pointed me to my true calling. I have often wondered why I’ve been privileged to be able to have three very satisfying careers as a pastor, a school administrator and an attorney. Now, I put these three callings together to serve families who, like mine, have children who need help. I use my experience as a former school administrator to navigate the school systems. I use my expertise as an attorney to advocate for children in need. I use my training as a minister to empathize with hurting families. In all, I am here to serve all those families who need a caring attorney. If your family needs a competent attorney who can guide you through the legal and emotional maze of IEP’s, IPP’s, IFSP’s fair hearings, due process proceedings, and other processes, I am here to serve you and your family.