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After working for 21 years as a clinical pharmacist, I decided to go to law school.  I was 42 years old at the time.  I had always been interested in the law, having spent a great deal of my work life dealing with the FDA, DEA, State Depts, and other regulatory agencies.  However, when I moved to California, I heard of a program for people to get a law degree via the internet.  With that opportunity I decided to enroll in the spring of 2002.  I continued to work while attending law school.  In fact, shortly after starting law school, my job sent me on assignment to Australia for five weeks.  I had my books and computer sent down under and was able to participate in class, take tests and use the internet for a new concept at the time of “online learning.”

After graduation and passing the bar, my initial idea was to work in the pharmaceutical industry in the legal department.  However, my experience and legal education had opened new areas of justice and service that interested me.  In particular, legal civil rights, homelessness, mental illness and the plight of veterans.  An area of law that seemed like a good fit for me with my medical background was Estate Planning and Conservatorships.  These areas of law are very different from most, the antagonistic and adversarial atmosphere is much less.  The goals of Estate Planning and Conservatorships are to work toward the well-being and in the best interest of those people that need assistance in developing a legal framework for their needs and wishes.  Ultimately, I bought a conservatorship practice from a retiring attorney and have incorporated that into my Estate Planning practice. 

As I approach my 19th year of my legal career, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in Conservatorships and Estate Planning.  I have expanded my practice to include Pet Trusts and addressing necessary modifications to existing Estate Plans for my clients and their furry and feathered children.  Approximately 17% of all pets that enter the shelter systems, with only a few being adopted, due to the lack of planning by the owners and the untimely incapacity or death of the pet parent.  It is my heartfelt wish that all parents of children, no matter how many feet they had, would address the need for continuity and stability in your family lives and those can be assured with a comprehensive and current Estate Plan and Pet Trust.