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Firm Summary

My name is Jeffrey Leiviska. I have over 20 years of experience representing clients in bankruptcy, family law & adoption, estate planning & probate.  In addition, I have been a valuable referral resource in the areas of personal injury and mortgage fraud representation.

After graduating from the U of M, I worked in my father’s insurance and financial planning agency.  My duties involved sales, marketing, recruiting and training.  I made many valuable contacts during this time.  However, while I was able to train people to sell, I was not a good salesperson.  I spent more time advising people than trying to close the sale.  My work gravitated towards estate planning and I was quite relieved when my father suggested that I get my rear end over to law school.

During those 8 post-graduation years in the “Real World”, I heard all the complaints against lawyers:  Too expensive; Won’t return my calls; Talks down to me; Is rude to me.

As I entered law school, I resolved as a “Returning Student” to be a different kind of attorney once I graduated:  An attorney who makes it a priority to provide reasonable fees and payment arrangements; to return calls and emails in a prompt manner; to not consider myself superior and to treat clients with respect and dignity.  Part of treating clients with respect is to tell them the good or bad news up front rather than baiting them in with a fee and then telling them the bad news later.