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Firm Summary

Janet has been running her own firm for thirty years, and has been practicing estate planning for even longer. She has both the knowledge and the experience to find creative solutions to her client’s problems.

Janet didn’t always work in estate planning. Her first 15 years out of law school, she worked in corporate law for companies like Hewlett Packard. But when she discovered how meaningful it was to help families on a personal level, she decided to make the switch to estate planning for good. It meant the difference between being told by her boss that a settlement check for $5 million wasn’t enough, and being sent flowers and candy after helping a couple finish their estate plan.

And that’s part of the reason she values estate planning so much — the ability to connect with her clients on a personal level and see the relief on their faces when they have a finalized plan in place.

Janet’s talent for finding creative solutions to complex issues extends into her free time, as well.