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Graduated with Honors from Wayne State University Law School in 1971

Law practice consists of real estate transactions including but not limited to purchase agreements, leases, notes and mortgages, foreclosures, quiet title actions and claims against title insurance agents and underwriters. Clients know that Harry is very well connected in the legal community and they seek his advise on who to counsel with for such matters as Securities or Employment law for example.

I am an AV Rated Commercial Attorney with an emphasis on commercial transactions and litigation. I was President of two Bar Associations and a member of the State Bar Client Security Fund for nine years. I litigated a class action lawsuit that was argued twice in the Michigan Supreme Court and appealed to the United States Supreme Court.


If the Law Offices of Harry Steven Ellman does not perform to your satisfaction, inform me promptly. I will resolve the issue to your satisfaction, even if it means reducing your legal fees.

Please be on notice that purchase agreements drafted by real estate brokers contain enforceable provisions that are not desired by purchasers.

Namely, time limitations to bring a lawsuit against the seller and or the broker no later than 6 months after the closing and full release of broker’s responsibility to honor fiduciary duties. For example if the broker were to misrepresent the condition of the property and the buyer relied upon that misrepresentation there would be no relief for the purchaser due to the release provision. Accordingly, purchasers are better served by having the purchase agreement drafted by a real estate attorney-as opposed to a broker’s form agreement.