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Edward McFerran founded the law firm, and he practices as an attorney primarily in the areas of real estate, business and tax matters.

Mr. McFerran has served as President and managing Shareholder of Tax Deferred Exchange Services, Inc., a national Qualified Intermediary company. In that capacity, Mr. McFerran’s professional practice has focused on tax planning for clients throughout the United States in the tax deferred exchange arena, advising taxpayers, exchangors, accountants, trustees, Qualified Intermediaries and escrow agents. In addition, Mr. McFerran has himself served as Qualified Intermediary in literally thousands of transactions throughout the United States.

Mr. McFerran is a frequent speaker on tax and law matters sponsored by bar associations, accounting groups and other various private industry groups. Mr. McFerran is a graduate of Seattle University Alber’s School of Business. He received his law degree with honors in 1987 from the University of Puget Sound School of Law.