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Douglas Deffenbaugh | Deffenbaugh & Lange PLLC


Firm Summary

Deffenbaugh and Lange, PLLC was formed in November of 2004. Prior to its formation, Mr. Deffenbaugh maintained his own legal practice here in San Antonio for many years. Deffenbaugh & Lange is a Christian firm, focused on serving the needs of our clients and their families.

We represent families in bankruptcy, business owners, and grieving families and friends through the probate process for their loved ones’ estate. We also assist our clients in drafting wills, trusts, and the other legal documents necessary to prepare for the time in the future when difficult decisions must be made. We have clients with tax quandaries, real estate (both commercial and residential) dealings, oil and gas leases of all sizes, and many other areas.

Additionally, both of our attorneys have their own particular areas of practice. Due to his breadth of expertise, Mr. Deffenbaugh frequently serves as an expert witness in a variety of cases from business valuation to oil and gas cases. Contributing to his expertise are his Masters in Business Administration and his Certified Public Accountant’s License. Mrs. Lange has been invited to speak at a variety of venues on the topic of End of Life Issues for pro-life Texans. She has completed the Bioethics Certification Program offered by the National Catholic Bioethics Center and is currently working on her Masters in Theology with a concentration in Bioethics.

As our client, you will receive personal attention from one or both of our attorneys throughout your case. We are also blessed with a wonderful staff. They are available to our clients to help facilitate a positive and seamless experience throughout the course of the case.

As a firm, we value our clients and the relationship we have with them. We work to maintain that relationship with our clients and to be available to serve all of their legal needs both now and in the future. We would be honored to be your advocate when the need arises. We look forward to being your advocates for life.