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Firm Summary

Dennis A. Delman is a highly accomplished attorney and a key figure at Delman & Cohen, a reputable law firm situated in Skokie, Illinois. With a strong emphasis on business law, family law, and estate planning, Mr. Delman has built a remarkable career spanning over three decades. However, his expertise extends beyond these core areas, as he has successfully handled a wide range of legal cases, including chancery lawsuits, employer/employee disputes, Social Security disability claims, and mergers and acquisitions involving small businesses. A comprehensive overview of Mr. Delman’s practice areas can be found on the firm’s Practice Area Overview page.

Born and raised in Chicago, Mr. Delman pursued his legal education at DePaul University College of Law, where he obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 1973. Prior to that, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri in 1969. Soon after completing his studies, he was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1974, marking the beginning of his illustrious legal career. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Mr. Delman is frequently appointed by the court to serve as a court-appointed attorney or mediator in family law matters, a testament to his reputation and expertise in the field.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. Delman is an active member of the community, dedicating his time and effort to various philanthropic and recreational pursuits. He serves on the Board of the Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation, demonstrating his commitment to supporting educational opportunities for those affected by the disease. Additionally, Mr. Delman is involved with the Evanston Community Tennis Association, fostering a love for the sport and promoting its accessibility within the local community. In the past, he has also served on the Board of the Piven Theater, contributing to the vibrant arts scene in the region. Moreover, Mr. Delman’s dedication to the community has extended to youth sports, where he has been involved with Little League and swimming, shaping the lives of young athletes through mentorship and guidance.

With his multifaceted legal expertise, distinguished background, and active engagement in community affairs, Dennis A. Delman is a well-respected and highly sought-after attorney. Clients seek his guidance and representation in various legal matters, confident in his ability to provide effective solutions and achieve favorable outcomes. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of business law, resolving sensitive family disputes, or developing comprehensive estate plans, Mr. Delman’s clients benefit from his wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to their best interests.

As a principal at Delman & Cohen, Dennis A. Delman continues to make significant contributions to the firm’s success, leveraging his expertise and leadership to guide clients through even the most intricate legal challenges. His passion for the law, dedication to his clients, and involvement in the community exemplify the qualities of an exceptional attorney. With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, Mr. Delman remains a trusted advocate, respected member of the legal community, and a valuable asset to those he serves.