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For the past 30 years I’ve been an executive coach, helping individuals make difficult decisions and have difficult conversations. I’m now translating this experience into helping families like yours have those difficult conversations so that you can keep your family out of court and out of conflict if anything happens to you.

Debbie Baker
I’ve developed a heightened awareness that beyond sudden illness, family dynamics change all the time. People marry, have children, divorce, purchase a home, find themselves caregiving, accumulate wealth, start businesses, etc. Most families do not seek the proper legal protection along the way even though they know it’s important. They believe they don’t need it, often until it’s too late.

I am here to create a relationship with you before you think you need it so when you do need it, I’m able to be here for you and the people you love.

None of us is promised tomorrow. We all know people who have had life losses or may have even died unexpectedly. My own father died at 58 very unexpectedly. My husband has lost three siblings completely unexpectedly. Age is no protector of the unexpected occurrence. People are in fatal car accidents leaving children, unexpected illness can take a life in a matter of days, weeks, or months, surgeries go awry, children are born with challenges demanding lifetime caregiving and the list could and does go on and on.

Wherever I can, my first focus is families. I’m committed to be of service by supporting people to see they can have some control in areas of their lives in which they previously believed it wasn’t possible. London Baker Law’s purpose is to help create plans that keep families out of conflict and out of court when the unexpected does happen.

When I was in school the last place I thought I’d be practicing was in Estate Planning. It always sounded boring – until I took an estate planning course and then after graduation encountered a new way of looking at helping families secure way more than being sure their loved ones are taken care of financially. There’s a way to be sure families build an emotional and spiritual legacy as well. That’s the difference, that’s the thinking that has me hooked.

I’ve been blessed to have grandchildren grow into adulthood with their parents still living. I know others who’ve not been so fortunate where parents die before the child can even begin to know them and the parents hadn’t done any preparation for the unimaginable occurrence of them predeceasing their children.

No family has to have that happen. The families I work with understand that confronting death makes for a better life. They want to make life as easy as possible for the people that they love if and when anything happens to them.

London Baker Law shares the vision of affordable legal services for all no matter what.