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David Ratowitz, JD/MBA, is the founder of the Ratowitz Law Group, where he has accumulated over fifteen years of experience practicing as a tax attorney with a twenty-plus year background in analyzing financial statements and presenting solutions. The Ratowitz Law Group focuses its practice on the areas involving taxes and the IRS. Our seasoned attorneys have been providing tax representation and representing small businesses in Chicago and South Central Indiana for over a decade. We specialize in tax, collections, and bankruptcy issues. Call David Ratowitz for more information on how we can chart your path towards resolution.

Whether our clients are dealing with the IRS, collections, bankruptcy, real estate, estate planning, unfiled tax returns, or require small business representation, our team of experienced attorneys is here to ensure effective communication and prompt responses. Our dedicated lawyers are your first line of defense when it comes to dealing with frustrating and often complicated issues. Since 2007, we’ve earned a reputation for being client educators, ensuring that each client understands the issues at hand and steps towards a possible resolution.