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In a recent medical malpractice action handled by Costantino Fragale in Alleyne v. Advantage Care Physicians, et. al. Index No.: 700457/2020, the Plaintiff was awarded $8,000,000.

The Law Office of Costantino Fragale is a litigation boutique firm that prides itself on providing personalized, quality representation. We believe in educating our clients and taking the time to fully explain their legal options, enabling them to make informed decisions most beneficial to their needs even before they retain our services. During the course of our representation, our small and dedicated staff develops a personal relationship with our clients giving them comfort and assurance throughout their legal proceedings. You can always count on us to take the time necessary to clearly explain your case’s procedures and status so that you are up to date on every development at all times. Many of our clients receive legal guidance even after the successful completion of their cases.

With extensive experience in estate litigation, insurance litigation, personal injury, employment discrimination, civil rights and commercial disputes, The Law Office of Costantino Fragale provides the aggressive representation expected of successful litigators. We also handle non-adversarial legal matters including will drafting, probate proceedings, residential and commercial real estate transactions, and Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 like-kind exchanges.

Many cases handled by Costantino Fragale, Esq. have been featured on the first page of the New York Law Journal and several appellate decisions in which his clients prevailed have become official citations in the court reporters.

  • Rabasco v. Gary Levine & Susan Htoo, P.C. ; Index No.: 2018-53572 (NYLJ June 30, 2020)
  • Castagna v. Luceno, 744 F.3d 254 (2d Cir 2014)
  • Jaffer v. Hirji, 887 F3d 111 (2d Cir. 2018) (NYLJ April 10, 2018);
  • Ambrosino v Vil. of Bronxville, 58 A.D.3d 649 (2d Dep’t 2009) (NYLJ January 23, 2009);
  • In the Matter of the Estate of Jack McIntosh, Deceased., 2009/3816/A (October 14, 2014);
  • Castagna v. Luceno, 13-0796-cv, NYLJ 1202646009694, at *1 (2d Cir., Decided March 5, 2014);
  • In the Matter of the Estate of Michael Konstantin; File No.: 2005-196/G (January 19, 2012);
  • Lau Hansen v. Lau Hansen; 24621/09 (June 15, 2010); and many others.
  • A&P Coat, Apron & Linen Supply LLC v. Juvanni Med. PLLC; CV-0602-19 (NYLJ March 17, 2020);
  • Ayash v. Chieffallo; Case Number: 56632/18 (NYLJ January 7, 2019);

Costantino Fragale recently represented plaintiff in the action Boston Thomas v. Opal Page (Bronx County, Supreme Court, Index No.: 300497-2013), who was awarded FOUR MILLION Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Dollars ($4,878,000.00) on June 1, 2015.

Costantino Fragale recently handled a medical malpractice case Alleyne v. Advantage Care Physicians, et. al.; Index No.: 700457/2019, and procured a settlement for $8,000,000.00.