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Firm Summary

When looking for an attorney for your family law matter it is important that you chose someone that matches your philosophy and values. Ensuring that the attorney will listen, offer sound advice, and work with you to reach your goals while helping to resolve your case.

I have wanted to be an Attorney since the third (3rd) grade, we were given a career goals writing assignment. I kept the composition book with my assignment as a reminder of how becoming a lawyer was manifested. Life experiences have taught me a lot and my desire to help others grew. I began work in the area of family law in 2004, and joined the select group of black female lawyers. I have experience working with clients from all walks of life. Annually I get specialized training working with adults, children, and people with mental disabilities and/or various mental health diagnosis. I care about my clients and make it a priority to work closely with them. Being available so every client can get in contact with me, ensures that every client is kept updated on their case. This is how I provide clients superior service. Going through a divorce or custody case can be emotionally overwhelming and confusing. We are here to help direct you to a life after your legal matter is resolved. Having more than ten (10) years of litigation experience, comes with a realization that there are better solutions for the overall family wellbeing. Litigation is where The Court makes the decision for your family, while our firm will inform you of solutions outside of court.

Some of the supportive alternatives to traditional litigation offered are: Collaborative Divorce Process, Custody Mediation and Divorce Mediation. These methods allow clients the ability to resolve disputes respectfully and creatively, working at a pace the clients chooses. With my training, I have represented over three hundred (300) children in child abuse and neglect cases giving me expertise in spotting child abuse and neglect issues. Then, I can provide the proper advice to clients concerned about child abuse or neglect. I am also passionate about representing children since they are often the voice that is not heard during the family turmoil. Knowing how a divorce looks through the eyes of a child is important. With my guidance, you can create a parenting plan that both parents can live with and it will be in your child’s best interest. Taking control of planning the terms of visitation and custody without going to court first will be empowering. If you want an attorney who will be straight with the realities of your situation, but also zealously advocate for you then I am that counsel.

I stay connected in the legal community by membership in various organizations:
Montgomery County Maryland Bar Association; DC Bar Association; DC Family Trial Lawyers Association; American Bar Association (ABA); Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals (CDRP) in Montgomery County, Maryland, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)