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Firm Summary

If you care about what happens to you and your assets at your death (and/or in the event of your disability) you want to consult with an attorney like me to put an estate plan in place before your death – a plan that is in writing, accomplishes your goals, is legally sound, and most importantly, reduces or eliminates family in-fighting at your death.

My practice is focused exclusively on counseling people how to transfer their assets (house, business interests, money and things) to their intended beneficiaries upon their death, and how they want those assets managed in the event of their (possible) disability before death.

If you do nothing, you are left with a “default” plan, which means at your disability and/or death, an “interested person” (usually a family member) is forced to go to court and you will get a one-size-fits all plan under the laws of the State of Vermont.

The default plan may reflect what you would want done anyway, but it is much, much better to leave clear instructions for your family if you can.

I also work with people after the death of a loved one to help them manage an estate (or trust), or, advise them regarding their interests in a deceased person’s assets.

Some people have a lot of trouble talking about their own death and/or disability, which I understand. The discussions can be difficult and may dredge up circumstances and emotions some people simply do not want to face. But – !

My Goal
My goal is to make the entire process as painless as possible. I take my job as a “counselor at law” very seriously. My basic philosophy is that you come to see me about possible plans you have in mind for YOUR assets and YOUR family and I am here to counsel you – as gently and clearly as I can – regarding YOUR concerns under the law.

I choose to stay in a solo practice because I find it is the best way to accomplish this goal. My fees for each client are not determined by a set schedule but customized for each client who comes in the door. I offer free consultations because I find it is the best way to determine if I am the right person for the job and we both feel our relationship will be a good fit. I do my best to return every phone call promptly and otherwise keep my clients informed of everything affecting my representation of them.

I have worked in large law firms and know that world; it can be fraught with frustration, delay and unnecessary expense. When you work with me, you receive the kind of personal attention that is the hallmark of a true counselor: someone who helps YOU make the most comfortable, informed decisions possible regarding your estate plan.

How the free consultation works

I offer free consultations (of up to 45 minutes in length) so that you and I can determine if we are a good match for an estate planning project together. At the end of the consultation, I do my best to say “here’s what I think you need and here’s what it will cost if I do it.” If it is impossible to give a “flat fee” quote at the end of the 45 minutes, we can discuss what to do from there. If I believe you would be better suited with another lawyer, I will tell you that, too.

I am passionate about getting people to “do the right thing” and either get going on some form of estate planning, or, at least know what will happen if they do nothing (not everyone needs a “Will”, which I talk about when we meet.) The free consultation is an easy way to start the process. Set up your appointment today! I look forward to meeting you.