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Brian E. Stevens
Attorney, Pastor, Real Human

The University of Minnesota, 1993

Loves spending time with his wife of almost 30 years and their 6 children (3 bio, 3 adopted). Will be spoiling his grandchildren…first 2 are coming in 2018! Loves theater of all types. Has performed in 4 different musical theater productions in the last 6 years. Will travel anywhere, especially if it includes a road trip and the chance to stop at Mom-and-Pop greasy spoons.

Is both an attorney and a real person. Has a knack for making the law easy to understand. Doesn’t like surprises. Relentless planner. Holds a master’s of divinity from Bethel Seminary. Enjoys a good joke.

M.O., ETC.
Takes the time to get to know his clients. Likes his clients. Enjoys helping people and families. Takes the advice and counsel part of his profession very seriously.