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My legal experience began while I was working on my Bachelor degree at University of Alabama at Birmingham in Management Information Systems. I had a job as a legal assistant for a local law firms. While working for the law Firm I had the opportunity to assist people who were injured to try to get them some type of compensation for their pain and suffering. I enjoyed helping our clients to give them an opportunity to help make their lives better. I then went on to spend about 15 years working in the financial industry. From the time I worked for the law firm I knew that I wanted to practice law and my opportunity came after a life changing event happened to me. I was injured in a car wreck while on business in Atlanta, GA. In that split second when I saw the car coming at me I thought about my wife, son and unborn daughter and who would take care of them if something happened to me. The police officer said it was a miracle that I could walk away from the accident but many people are not as fortunate. After my accident I was nervous and confused about what my options were but I had a couple of great attorneys at Riley and Jackson that guided me through the legal process. After my accident I felt the desire to go to law school so that one day I could help others by guiding them through the legal process just as Rob and Keith helped me. I enjoy reaching out and making a positive difference in the lives of others. I went to law school at night while still working full time for FIS.

As an accomplished attorney serving the greater Birmingham, Alabama area, I strongly believe that preparation of a proper estate plan can be the glue that holds a family together when unexpected events, disability or death happen. I focus my practice on revocable trusts, irrevocable trust, special needs trusts and other forms of legacy planning, and my clients are individuals who want to maintain control of their life for as long as they can.

I guide my clients in taking the necessary steps to control their assets while they are able, prepare for potential disability and ensure that they will be able to give what they want to whom they want when they want. Together my clients and I prepare a unique legacy plan that will not only protect their assets, but provide confidence and a sense of satisfaction, in my clients knowing they have taken the steps necessary to protect the financial well-being of not only themselves, but their loved ones as well. My clients will be able to go to bed at night with the peace of mind that their family is taken care of.

In order to stay in-tune with the latest trends and developments in Estate Planning, I became an active member of WealthCounsel, a national community of top estate planning professionals committed to the highest standard of practice excellence. This collaborative organization, along with attending seminars taught by nationally recognized thought leaders, keeps me on the leading edge of the newest estate planning ideas and approaches

My expertise, faith and values coupled with my compassion, form the cornerstone on which you will be able to trust that you have done what is necessary to prepare for the future. And then, you will be able to enjoy each and every day, knowing that you have a plan is in place that protects not only you, but also your loved ones.


When I was growing up, my parents always taught me to look ahead. No one can predict tomorrow, but we can all take small steps today that increase our prospects for a better tomorrow. It’s a great lesson that I lean on daily in my legal practice. This simple lesson of “doing a little today” has helped countless families solidify a future for their next generations and keep businesses solvent through unexpected deaths of shareholders and critical leaders.

That’s who we are. It’s what we base our law firm on. Helping your family and business look ahead so that tomorrow has a better promise no matter what storms arise.